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    3-4 section Non-stick Grill Pan

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    Do you want to cook 4 different products at the same time in one pan?

    The pan has the most suitable material that stands out with its non-stick coating of Maifan stone and its wooden handle. The pan is non-stick, resistant to abrasion. Its handle has an elegant wood grain texture. The thermal insulation and anti-scald properties of this pan and its four vents made it the most popular kitchen pan of the year.

    Large and Very Convenient

    The pot has a large capacity pot body design, making it easy to cook. Four different products can be cooked at the same time, making it very useful.

    Long Lasting /Food Friendly

    The pan features the stainless steel anti-burning ring, which is also featured by the anti-scalding design, and the pan is heat-resistant.

    Practical to Use

    The pan features the intelligent temperature control and the premium bottom, which is featured by the fine shape to achieve the even heat conduction, and the bottom of it is not sticky and it is practical for most stoves.

    Multiple Purpose

    The pan can be used to make omelette, burger and the like, and the pan features 4 compartments to make cooking quick and easy.


    Material: Aluminum alloy + bakelite
    Uses: fried eggs, burgers
    Application: induction cooker, gas stove, electric ceramic stove