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Universal Faucet

Universal Faucet

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No more messy sink while washing face and hands! 

Since most faucets have a fixed style, you can find it extra difficult to clean the sink especially hard to reach areas like behind the faucet..

If you want a mess-free washing and rinsing that offers maximum water flow and direction control, you will love this Universal Faucet.


720° two-way faucet filter that can be rotated at will. Two modes of water can be obtained by rotating, making it more convenient to wash your face, rinse your mouth and wash the basin..

720 Degree rotation:

Rotate the water outlet 720 degrees, which can be adjusted to any angle to facilitate cleaning of tableware, fruits and vegetables, as well as washing your face, gargle, etc. more convenient!

Splash filter faucet introduces air into the water flow, producing a larger water flow, which is soft to the touch and does not splash. This product is made of durable material, suitable for dining room, laundry, and backyard, it can be used for sink faucet, kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, etc.

Easy to install:

Two outlet modes:

Soft bubble stream and strong sprayer shower.

Safe and user-friendly design.

Hundreds of our customers can’t get enough of the faucet swivel spray because they can embrace the benefits of washing the face without making any mess.




  • Material: Plastic & alloy
  • Weight: About 65g

Package Contents:
1× Universal Faucet


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