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Anti-scalding Pot Handle Heat Resistant

Anti-scalding Pot Handle Heat Resistant

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Introducing our Anti-Scalding Pot Handle Heat Resistant Cover, the perfect solution to protect your hands and fingers while cooking! Crafted with premium heat-resistant materials, this innovative sleeve is designed to fit snugly over the handles of frying pans, pots, and other cookware, shielding you from accidental burns and ensuring a safe cooking experience.

Our sleeve features a durable rubber construction that can withstand high temperatures, providing reliable protection against hot surfaces. Its sleek design not only offers maximum heat resistance but also enhances grip and comfort, allowing you to maneuver pots and pans with ease.

Say goodbye to bulky oven mitts and towels slipping off handles – our handle cover provides a secure and ergonomic grip, reducing the risk of spills and accidents in the kitchen. Whether you're flipping pancakes, sautéing vegetables, or searing meats, our heat-resistant cover is the essential accessory for any home chef.

Experience peace of mind in the kitchen with our Anti-Scalding Pot Handle Heat Resistant Cover. Invest in safety and convenience today!


Material: Rubber
Elastic and stretchable, can stretch to between 1.5 cm and 3.7 cm
Corrugated pipe design is anti-skid and durable, with convenient installation
Multiple size options.
Dimensions before stretching:

1 x Heat Resistant Cover

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