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Anti splash sink mat

Anti splash sink mat

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Anti-Splash Sink Mat

Say no more to icky counter backsplashes and water splatters everywhere using this multi-purpose anti-splash sink mat!

An ultimate silicone sink guard with an upgraded 5° self-draining slope design that catches all gross backsplashes and water drips. Allowing it to effectively keep your sink counter neat and dry as it rapidly clears the collected splatters out straight to the sink.

This saves you from wiping down the sink on a daily basis due to pooling, liquid staining, and annoying water running messily onto countertops. Furthermore, this anti-splash mat offers a non-slip backing which enables it to securely stay in place even with daily exposure to water. Making it an ideal protection when washing hands, cleaning dishes, rinsing food, brushing teeth, facial cleansing, and such. 


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