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    automatic scrolling egg rack

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    Rolling Egg Tray features a gravity-fed design, it dispenses an egg at a time with a gentle rolling motion. The compact design for decorative and indoor use, ideal for storing eggs neatly within your kitchen; keeps all eggs in sight.

    Automatic Rolling: The egg separator adopts a convenient gravity design. Eggs are dispensed one at a time from an inclined track. Take out the eggs from the outlet, and the eggs inside will roll out automatically.

    Space-saving: The egg roll rack adopts 2-tier design, which can hold up to 14 eggs, with a small footprint, saving refrigerator space and keeping eggs organized.

    Easy to use: The egg container is designed with a non-slip bottom, no assembly is required, just put the eggs on the organizer and roll, easy to clean.

    Exquisite Material: The egg roll tray has been processed with fine workmanship and has a smooth appearance, made of high-quality PP, sturdy and durable, not easy to break, and can be used for a long time.

    The Rolling Egg Tray is designed for gravity feeding, which dispenses eggs one at a time with a gentle rolling action. Compact design for decorative and indoor use, ideal for neatly storing eggs in the kitchen; keeping all eggs within sight.

    1. Holds 12-14 standard eggs in the freezer.
    2. Two-tier organizer with small footprint.
    3. No assembly required.

    Material: Polypropylene
    Color: white

    packing list:
    1*roll rack