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Cat Litter Shovel

Cat Litter Shovel

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Tired of making a mess every time you clean the litter box? This device will make your life so much easier!

Our Integrated Cat Litter Scoop is the best solution to the daily problem of cleaning after your furry friend. No more cat poop smell! Get yours to clean the mess in a fun and easy way!


EASY TO USE】 Attached waste bin and waste bag make cleaning the litter box a whole lot easier and convenient than using a scoop and separate bag. You will find this cat litter scoop size just perfect enough to maneuver in the litter box - especially in corners where your cats tend to pee.

【SANITARY】 All in one system keeps the mess contained. No more spilled litter. The bags are right there and you can scoop waste and then turn it upside down, the waste does not fall out. Perfect for all kinds of cat litters.

【AMAZING QUALITY】 Sturdy enough to scoop up even for big chunks. Perfect size holes (6MM), so the clean cat litter can go through. Perfect work with pellet style litter as well. 

【FAST DISPOSAL】 - When finished, just detach the scoop from the waste bin, tie the waste bag shut, and throw away! It's that easy.


1roll garbage bag(15pcs )

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