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Chicken Leg Socks

Chicken Leg Socks

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In a world were Rubber Chicken Handbag exists it only makes sense that these chicken leg socks exist as well. These obscure socks make it look like you actually have chicken legs, not just skinny legs, but actual chicken legs.

Have you ever dreamed to have chicken legs?

Our 3D Chicken Leg Socks make your dream come true! These soft and funny-looking socks are sure to be an eye-catcher. Wear these cool socks and have a blast with your friends!

Turn Those Chicken Legs Laugh Into A Wow Sound.

These cute chicken legs socks are high quality and super comfortable for anyone who loves to slip into these. This conversation starter socks could be a perfect gift for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Style: Chicken Feet Socks
Material: Acrylic


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