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Dancing Cactus Toy

Dancing Cactus Toy

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Introducing The Original Dancing Cactus, a hilarious piece that will provide endless hours of entertainment!

The Dancing Cactus can dance, sing, and MIMIC sounds!
Dancing cactus is so lonely right now and is waiting for his new buddy.
Poor thing doesn't even have a name yet.
You can take him out of our store and give him one.
This cactus is a true dancer and a real singer,you can watch and learn some moves from him, you can also make a duet with him.

This adorable Cactus Sing 120 Cute Songs. The most suitable gift for children. Cheerful music and dancing are very suitable to create a pleasant atmosphere and suitable for parties. Holidays, Christmas gifts, Mother's Day gifts, essential gifts for birthday parties, very suitable for holiday gifts and surprise gifts for girlfriends.

This toy will bring smile in your family!

Singing cactus brings joy: cactus toy can dance and bring a lifetime of joy to children, which is very helpful for early education, attracting attention. The singing cactus toy will beat with the rhythm

Dancing cactus plush in pot is also home and office decorations, creating a good office atmosphere for you. cactus plush toy is a great choice as a gift for your colleagues!

Cactus Dancing Installation method:

At the bottom, remove the screw with a screwdriver, install AA batteries 3 pack, and tighten the screw. Turn on power switch, and then press the press here to start, stop, and switch songs

Dancing Cactus Operation Process:

1. At the bottom, remove the screw with a screwdriver, install AA batteries 3 pack, and tighten the screw.Black button at the bottom:ON;

2. Press the label button on the cactus,cactus can sing;

3 . Press repeatedly to switch to the next song - 120 songs

Cactus plush toy can dance, repeat you, sing, lovely and humorous dancing. Children's attention will be aroused and joy will be brought to them!

Size: 12,5" x 6" x 4" / 32 cm

Package Includes:
1x Dancing Cactus Toy

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