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flying fairy

flying fairy

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these grown-up Pixies have glittery wings that sparkle when they fly!

For the first time Hatchimals Pixies can really fly! Launch your Pixies from the base or lift her into the air, then use your hands to guide her – she’ll sense if your hands are high or  low!

1. Sensing device: equipped with intelligent sensing device, it can automatically sense the obstacles at the bottom within 1m, making it safer to float.

2. Power-on protection: The flying doll will be stationary for 3 seconds to ensure safety when you turn on the switch.

3. AUTO-STOP FEATURE: Crystal Flyers toys for kids are safety tested! If you touch her wings mid-flight, she’ll stop flying! You can also grab your Pixie’s legs to safely reposition her during flight!

4. Automatic power-off protection system: When the Flying fairy toys falls down to ground or collides with other objects, it will stop whirling.

5. Upgrade USB charging: first turn off the power and charge through the attached USB cable.


After fully charged, the power will be cut off. Before using the remote control,please turn on the switch on the skirt, otherwise the toy may not fly!

It has two wings that need to be installed manually, don't worry, very simple.

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1xCharge cable
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