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Govinda - Natural frankincense resin

Govinda - Natural frankincense resin

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Frankincense Carterii is one of a handful of Frankincense types that contain Boswellic acids. These resin acids are the compounds that have been shown in studies to be anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. These findings support its use in traditional medicine for inflammation, respiratory, muscle and joint and gastrointestinal issues. Frankincense Carterii has also been shown to add elasticity to skin and has been used in cosmetics formulas.
In local folk medicine traditions, Frankincense Carterii is used as a tea/infusion by steeping one teaspoon of tears in 2 cups of cold water overnight and sipping on this tea during the day. This is taken to help with coughs, colds and respiratory complaints.
I chew and drink it myself on an almost daily basis. I like to dissolve three or four tears in a bottle of water, keep it in the fridge overnight, and drink in the morning for an uplifting tonic.
The burning resin smoke also had a profound effect on depression and anxiety as well as helping one to connect to spirit as it was inhaled.

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