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Hands Plaster Statue Kit

Hands Plaster Statue Kit

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A fun and unforgettable gift event, suitable for family, couples and friends, creating priceless memories. This love gift is very suitable for anniversary, engagement, birthday, Valentine's Day, mom, dad, grandparent, friend, or cement as a friendship craft gift.

Do it yourself Hand casting kit, use sealant, acrylic pearl paint, only need hand glue and mixed water (not included).

The unique rubber mold can capture every thin line and fingerprint, which is a perfect precious gift

Mold making: The molding material is cold-qualified, non-toxic and non-allergenic. As long as the hands are immersed in the molding gel, swinging is not a problem. The set-up time is about 6 minutes, including mixing time.

Other items needed: large rubber spatula or for mixing molding materials, liquid measuring cups, glass or disposable bowls for mixing cast stone

After completion, you can dry it in a well-ventilated room in as natural light as possible for about 1 week.



Material: sealant, acrylic pearl paint

Weight: 25g clone powder+25g model powder+4g gold powder+4g silver powder

Packing size: 8x12.2cm

Need 500g clone powder + 500g model powder, this type of content, need 20 barrels to make an adult hand model

Package Included:

1*Hand mold set

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