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LED Flying UFO Disc Ball

LED Flying UFO Disc Ball

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The LED Flying UFO Disc Ball Toy is a fun, and safe LED flying disc for everyone. This UFO flying disc is a perfect gift and toy. When you throw it into the air at night, it will look like a UFO flying in the air. It is also a great toy for kids and adults. It can be easily tossed in the air, and it will glide like a Frisbee.


  • The ball is outdoor play toys, frisbee shape thrown into the airball.
  • This ball has the future of pushing each other to seize and variable return Frisbee form.
  • Gently press the middle part with both hands to form a flying saucer, and then throw it out.

  • When the flying saucer shape flies out for a few seconds, it will automatically return to the shape of the ball, which is good for the partner to catch the ball.
  • It can play interactive games between parents and children during the holidays, making the inside of the bag flat and easy to carry.
  • The LED Flying UFO Flat Throw Disc Ball is easy to play with, a toy for kids' outdoor entertainment, perfect for festivals, birthday parties, etc.



Material: ABS

Size: 23cm

Recommend Age: 4-6y

Recommend Age: 7-12y

Recommend Age: 12+y

Color: Green; Red; Blue; Pink


Package Includes:

1 x LED Flying UFO Disc Ball Toy

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