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Night Galaxy Projector

Night Galaxy Projector

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!!! Important information. Be sure to adjust the focus for clear image. read the instructions !!!

HD Galaxy Home Projector: A Window to the Starry Universe

Clear HD Projection: Thanks to advanced technology, the projector delivers crystal-clear images of celestial objects. Simply turn the top screw ring to adjust the focal length and achieve perfectly sharp images.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of space with the new HD Galaxy Projector

Large Projection Area: Supporting a projection distance of up to 10 feet, it covers an area of up to 134 square feet, creating a stunning visual effect even in large rooms

Easy to Use for Kids: Only 3 steps to take you through the planetarium visual experience: Insert film - Turn on the switch - Don't forget to adjust the focus. Simple design perfect for kids' use. Fun manual switching of film sheets helps children's intellectual development.

Multiple Display Modes Optional: Support independently controls the Movie Lights (press the second button to turn them on/off) and Side Star Lights (press the third button to turn on/off/switch the light mode). No noise while working creates a soothing sleep environment. The fourth button can turn on/off the star rotation, and press 2 seconds for a timed shutdown (fixed for one hour).

Give yourself and your loved ones unique moments under the stars with the HD Galaxy Projector - your personal window to the infinite cosmos.


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