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    Mini Air Cooler Fan USB

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    【3 in 1 Portable Air Cooler】This mini evaporative cooler can be used as a normal fan or a water cooler fan. You can put ice cubes and water in the water tank to reduce the temperature of the air outlet, increase the relative humidity, and improve the cooling effect at the same time. It also provides moist cool breeze without drying your skin. Enjoy cool summer days as a personal air cooler and humidifier.

    【3-speed adjustable wind speed and swing】This water cooling radiator has 3 optional wind speeds (low/medium/high), which can be freely adjusted according to your needs. The cooler has a swing function, which can make the cooling air evenly distributed, and the wind blades can be adjusted vertically to supply a wider area. It cools the surrounding area evenly and efficiently, creating a larger comfort zone.

    【Two-speed spray mode adjustment】The strong airflow and comfortable cooling spray help keep your face or skin moist, cool down quickly on hot days, let you Rejuvenate from the heat.

    【Super Comfortable Portable Design】You can carry and move easily. The compact size and efficient cooling capacity make it suitable for any room in the home, keeping cool while sleeping in the bedroom, office work, home gym or patio. Our mini air conditioner fans provide you with long-lasting cooling anytime, anywhere.

    【Energy saving and environmental protection】Compared with expensive air conditioners, which is more environmentally friendly and safer. Instead of circulating warm air like a normal fan, it blows cold air out through water evaporation and feels very refreshing. You can easily enjoy extra coolness in seconds at low cost.


    Material: ABS
    Use time: 2-6h
    Charging: USB type-C
    Color: Yellow, gray, pink, blue
    Wind speed: 3 gears
    Spray mode: 2 gears (continuous spray, intermittent spray)
    Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
    Size: 12x12.5x15.5cm
    Weight: 0.5kg

    Package Included:

    1 x Air Conditioning
    1 x Empty Bottle
    1 x USB Cable