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    Rocket -Water Sprinkler

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    The Ultimate Cosmic Aqua Orbiter!

    Blow and cool with our unique water splash. Attach a garden hose to the thrust controller to lift and balance the rocket on a jet of water. Once balanced the rocket just where you want it, water sprays from the rocket nose cone to wet the brave enough to run under the rocket.



    The water spray toy bottom equipped with connector that can link with hoses, easy to operate, simply connect the rotate rocket sprinkler with the water hoses, turn on the water tap, then the toy can spray water, leave your child to enjoy splashing time with family. 

    Safe and Durable

    We use only high-quality, non-toxic materials in the construction of our rocket water toy sprinkler set. And not only is our sprinkler set safe, but it's also built to last. We use sturdy materials that can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor play, so you can be confident that it will last for many summers to come. You'll love how our rocket kids sprinkler toy provides a safe and durable way for your child to stay cool and have fun outdoors!

    Item: Rocket Launcher Toys
    Material: ABS, EVA
    Size: 28.5*18cm
    Packing Size: 14.8*14.8*29cm
    Packing Weight: 400g

    Package List:
    1* Rocket
    1* Base Interface
    1* Faucet Interface
    1 * 3M Water pipe