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Strawberry and Carrot Bunnies

Strawberry and Carrot Bunnies

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🐰 No one can refuse such a cute bunny gift🎁

Made with the same delightful combination of fruit and vegetable, our plush toys are the perfect addition to any collection. The Carrot Rabbit plushie toy is designed with an adorable look that will capture the hearts of children and adults alike. With its fluffy fur, long ears, and cute expression, it is hard to resist cuddling this soft companion.

High-Quality Materials:
The plushie toy is made of high-quality materials that are safe for kids to play with. The soft and huggable fur is made of premium plush fabric, while the stuffing is made of hypoallergenic cotton.

Wash gently in cold water. Do not bleach, hang to dry in a ventilated place. You can also gently blow the rabbit's plush with the cold air of a hair dryer, and it will return to its original fluffy cute shape soon.

Material: Cotton
Color: As Shown
Style: Carrot, Strawberry
Size: S, M, L


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