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    telescopic sink storage rack

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    Prevent bacteria build-on on your sink sponge, brushes, and rugs with CleanSink. Telescopic Sink Storage can meet different needs, adapt to different Sink Sizes, Freely Adjust the length, which can be large-capacity storage.

    Adjustable length is suitable for most household sinks easy installation.No drill and screw required.
    This Item will make full use of space in your kitchen, as well as make your kitchen look clean and tidy.

    This Item can also be used to filter water for dishes or other kitchenware. Product design at the bottom of the hollow can keep the drying shelf body.

    Storage Rack Easy-to-store cleaning utensils, such as towels, dishwashing liquid, hand Sanitizer, ball brush, etc. It is comfortable to handle at an appropriate height and convenient for daily cleaning.

    EASY INSTALLATION - With its telescopic design, it install to any sink instantly. Easy to remove and clean

    Materials: PP
    Product size: Telescopic sink rack: 36x28x8.5cm
    Package including: 1x Telescopic sink rack