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The Breathing Otter

The Breathing Otter

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Discover the ultimate soothing companion for your little one with the Breathing Otter Baby Sleep and Playmate. This innovative plush toy combines comfort, sensory stimulation, and interactive features to support your baby’s development and well-being from day one.

Detailed Features and Benefits:

  • Realistic Breathing Motion: The toy’s lifelike breathing movements mimic the gentle rise and fall of a parent’s chest, providing a familiar and comforting presence. This rhythmic motion helps to calm and soothe your baby, making it easier for them to settle down for naps and nighttime sleep.

  • Soothing Sounds and Lullabies: The Breathing Otter includes a variety of pre-programmed sounds, including white noise, ocean waves, heartbeats, and gentle lullabies. These sounds are specifically chosen to create a serene environment that can help reduce fussiness and promote restful sleep.

  • Soft Glow Light: The otter’s belly emits a warm, soft glow that can be used as a nightlight. This gentle illumination is designed to be easy on your baby’s eyes while providing just enough light for nighttime feedings and diaper changes. The light can also help establish a calming bedtime routine.

  • Multisensory Stimulation: The Breathing Otter is designed with various textures and interactive elements, such as crinkly fabric, silky ribbons, and plush fur. These features engage your baby’s tactile and auditory senses, supporting their sensory development and encouraging exploration.

  • Premium, Baby-Safe Materials: Made from high-quality, non-toxic fabrics, the Breathing Otter is safe for newborns and infants. The plush exterior is soft to the touch, and the toy is constructed with durability in mind, ensuring it withstands the rigors of everyday use.

  • Ease of Use: The toy is equipped with intuitive controls, allowing parents to easily switch between different modes and adjust settings. The breathing motion, sounds, and light functions can be used independently or together, providing flexible options to suit your baby’s needs.

  • Machine Washable: For convenience, the plush outer cover is removable and machine washable, making it easy to keep the toy clean and hygienic.

  • Perfect Baby Gift: Thoughtfully designed for both function and delight, the Breathing Otter makes an ideal gift for baby showers, christenings, or as a welcome gift for new parents. Its combination of soothing features and adorable design makes it a beloved addition to any nursery.

  • Portable and Travel-Friendly: Lightweight and compact, the Breathing Otter can easily be taken on the go, ensuring your baby has a familiar and comforting companion wherever they are. Whether it’s a trip to grandma’s house or a family vacation, this plush toy helps maintain your baby’s sleep routine.

The Breathing Otter Baby Sleep and Playmate is not just a plush toy; it’s a multifunctional tool designed to support your baby’s early development and provide parents with peace of mind. Embrace the perfect blend of comfort, sensory engagement, and practical functionality with this delightful otter friend, and make every sleep and playtime a soothing experience for your little one.


  • "Breathing" musical otter toy for babies of all ages from birth.
  • 11 sensory explorations to stimulate your baby's senses of sight, hearing and touch.
  • An otter that makes a rhythmic movement similar to breathing to naturally relax your baby.
  • Up to 30 minutes of music and sound can be customized with volume control and soothing light.
  • Extra soft fabrics; Electronic parts can be removed and machine washed.
  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries. (Batteries not included.)
  • Age Group: Suitable for use from newborns.
  • Box Contents: 1 otter toy.
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