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    Wall Mounted Soft Silicone Toilet Brush

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    Efficient cleaning, clean the toilet groove, leaving no dead corners, efficient and soft decontamination without lint, go deep into the pipeline to clean any dead corners of the toilet.

    Built with silicone, features soft, dense, durable, and sturdy. Premium TPR creates long-lasting bristles for deep cleaning, and the brush head will stay completely clean in the whole process, non-stick hair.

    EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT CLEANING: Silicone brush head won’t scratch the glazed surface of the toilet bowl, and will stay no static electricity. With flat designed brush head, corners cleaning will be much easier.

    STYLISH & CONVENIENT DESIGN: Drop-shaped soft brush head with automatic opening and closing holder, more convenient to use.

    FREE VOLATILIZATION: The wall-mounted holder saves bathroom space and provides storage. Breathable and free volatilization design keeps no water remaining. Perfect for home, RV, hotels, etc.

    Perforation-free, long-lasting stability, hanging wall-mounted design, nail-free installation, strong and non-marking stickers waterproof and moisture-proof without falling off, convenient for 

    daily cleaning.

    Product advantages:

    Powerful decontamination, ventilation, suspension design, easy cleaning, less space, and durability.

    No static electricity, no dust, and impurities, no damage to the glaze, no damage to the toilet.

    It does not stick to the hair, and it will be clean after heavy soiling.
    it is easy to clean, and the cleaning is in place.

    installation method

    ① Wipe the wall clean
    ②Exhaust air when peeling off the adhesive
    ③Hang the base on the patch
    ④Place the toilet brush

    Color: green, orange, white
    Size: 42.5*8*5cm
    Material: TPR

    Package includes: 1pcs silicone toilet brush