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Waterfall incense burner

Waterfall incense burner

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Just like the waterfall, Incense Waterfall Holder offers a gentle soothing breeze that purifies and restores the integrity of the area where it is placed. Incense Waterfall Holder was created to have a lasting effect on both the living space and the occupants that desire to create a tranquil environment.

Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder

 The Incense Waterfalls Holder is ideal for burning incense while serving as a decorative item in your living space. Perfect for the study room, bedroom, yoga studio. Position them on your table, desk, or on any altered stand to experience the maximum effect. 

Clear your mind, maintain strong focus, and experience ultimate peace as the Incense Waterfall holder gives off exhilarating notes of fragrance with the view of smoke representing the smooth flowing waterfall, cascading down the burners to nourish the environment.

Size L :10cm x 20cm / 8.5 x 20cm
Size M : 8.5cm x 12.5cm
Package Included: 1X Waterfall incense burner
+ 10Pcs Incense Cones

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